PXI Express

PXI Express is the fastest data acquisition platform currently available with unmatched waveform bandwidths, frequency ranges and latencies. This makes PXI Express-based data acquisition systems ideal for data acquisition and processing intensive applications like high-speed digitization, signal-generation, and communication systems where high sample rates, system throughput and communication channel counts quickly become bottleneck of the system.

  • NI PXIe 5668R 20Hz to 26.5GHz VSA - 765MHz of instantaneous bandwidth
  • NI PXIe- 5644R 65MHz to 6GHz - Vector Signal Transceiver
  • NI PXIe 5160 high speed digitizer
  • NI PXIe 5673E 85MHz to 6.6GHz Vector Signal Generator
  • NI PXIe 5665 20Hz to 14GHz 50MHz instantaneous bandwidth VSA
  • NI PXIe 7975(6)R FlexRIO FPGA platform