System Engineering

We have built systems of various complexity.

We understand system level problems.

RadioSoft is providing customers with idea-to-working system solution, from system level down to the hardware implementation. We at RadioSoft specialize in engineering design services and new product designs that utilize the latest inventions and technologies in Software-Defined Radio field. Our "out-of-the-box" approach provides innovative solutions to customer problems, resulting in superior performance and efficient implementations. Our concepts and IP, along with our FPGA and DSP designs are optimized for maximum speed, minimum real estate/MIPS consumption, maximum dynamic range and overall cost and performance.
  • Implementation of turnkey systems
  • System development from concept to tested prototypes/product
  • Custom SDR algorithms for timing, frequency, sampling clock offset compensation
  • Multipath mitigation solutions
  • Multirate Filtering Structures
  • Algorithm conversions from software applications
  • Algorithm/implementation acceleration and optimization