About Us

RadioSoft is a technology development company specializing in high speed digital signal processing solutions. Our expertise is in the area of System Engineering and Modeling, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Communication Systems, Fixed and Mobile Wireless Systems, Satellite, Terrestrial and Cable Modems, Software Defined Radios, Embedded Systems, Audio and Video Processing and Broadcasting, Beam Forming, Fast Digital Filters, Multi-rate Filters and other advanced concepts. RadioSoft develops board-level solutions integrating processors, FPGAs, high speed interfaces, RF components, embedded operating systems, device drivers and applications software.

With over fifteen years of hands on development experience, our innovative concepts, and accelerated-concept-to-product capability is what distinguishes us from others. As part of our design services, we offer design and development expertise in various fields and disciplines in the emerging field of software defined radios, digital communication systems, satellite and terrestrial systems, wired and wireless systems, fixed and mobile communication systems, and consumer electronics.
RadioSoft also provides customers with turnkey solutions for their product requirements including:
  • Program management
  • Systems engineering
  • System requirements and design specifications
  • Subsystem requirements and design specifications
  • Algorithms development, modeling and simulation
  • Hardware design, including schematic capture and board layout
  • Fabrication and testing
  • Firmware and software development
  • Integration and test
  • Volume production
Whether the product needs to be optimized specifically for minimum power consumption, maximum performance, high scalability, high speed data interfacing, or low cost, RadioSoft strives for excellence across all system parameters.