Test And Measurement

Modern test and measurement science and technology are leaning towards minimizing hardware costs and reducing the test time by using virtual or software based instruments. Software designed instrumentation leverages user programmable FPGAs to battle complexities and achieve better performance, shorter test time and achieve overall performance that is orders of magnitude better from legacy instrumentation. To address niche areas, FPGAs can be programmed to implement custom measurement functionality. While FPGAs are common in instrumentation, they typically are inserted such that they have fixed personalities designed for specific purposes and allow little or no customization. By contrast, user programmable FPGAs make it possible for the user to customize instrumentation application for specific application needs. Since 2011, RadioSoft team has been working at various instrumentation projects based on NI hardware and NI software platforms.

  • Fully Synthetic Advanced Spectrum Analysis and Real Time Spectrum Analysis
  • Vector Signal Analysis and Modulation Analysis
  • Real-time data acquisition and processing
  • Full measurement application development and remote interface management
  • Advanced DSP measurement technique insertion and measurement speed improvement
  • Custom digital modem input/output interface solutions and advanced streaming management